Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ye Olde Internet Routine

            In doing this daily create, I realize that I sort of don’t do much (not as much as I used to) when I go on the internet. Back in simpler times, it was always check email, watch a few episodes or entire season(s) of a show, read stories, and write a bit. If someone messaged me on a social media site that I was connected to (most likely Facebook), then I’d go and write them back then sign off if they didn't answer back immediately. It may not seem a lot, but then you actually realize how much time you put into each task. And I put in a lot of time.
            Nowadays it is Tumblr (I realize and acknowledge my addiction... it's okay), email, homework (if there is any, and that usually takes up the most time) TV shows (if I can get off of Tumblr long enough) and… that’s about it. I do write and read from time to time, but not as much as I would like to. I have this constant nagging feeling that I’m wasting time by doing activities that I love instead of doing more constructive things like schoolwork (I can’t seem to hold this ideal when it comes to Tumblr though…). It’s funny, I used to be one of the people that questioned the existence of the website, and now I’m one of the ones that can’t get enough of it. It would definitely be… weird if didn't have it. I might even be more productive… but that thought pales in comparison to all the wonderfully creative artwork (be it visual or literary) and the more interesting theories surrounding the TV shows that I watch. I of course could and would do other things but it would still be… just a bit… sad…
            It’s actually pretty surprising that I didn't put this blog on Tumblr. Wonder if I could change that… 
Sorry Blogger...
Not really though...

You are What You Read

If the article by Lena Price, You are what you Read is anything to go by, I’d have to say that that I am a few things. 
First, I’d have to say scholar in training, if that is a thing. But with all the articles and academia read in these four years of college, it is something that has to be acknowledged, even if the readings aren't my first choice.
 Now, stepping away from the educational side of reading, we've stepped into a whole other world. I like to spend my time as a member of the lands of fantasy, reading about all the beings and things that can only exist in the realm of the supernatural. Werewolves, demons and all the like. After all, we already live in reality, why read about it? I am also a romanticist at heart. Give me a good love story, where the love builds on an actual foundation, where the couple fights to keep this love for all the right reasons, despite all the naysayers against them, or were love comes not only from loving someone you’re attracted to, but what you’re willing to do for the people you’re related to. Definitely not some YA version about a relationship that’s borderline abusive (we all know which book I’m talking about). In short, I am a reader with taste for the imaginary and invented, always ready for a good tale to devour.

My Relationship with Technology

I would like to say that while I do use technology I’m not all that addictive to it… but I might be lying. Well, there is at least the possibility. I mean, I can go stretches without turning on the computer. I leave my phone everywhere I’m not, and I can have quiet moments pass without the need for my iPod. But, when I do plug myself in, it’s a... "moderated" addiction.  I have the habit of watching TV shows and movies that I can’t catch on actual television on my computer. I’m usually playing games on my iPod, or scrolling through Tumblr, my only social media addiction (Facebook has virtually no appeal to me). I also find myself turning more towards technology when I want to write. While I do like the traditional medium of pencil and paper, I find myself jotting down things more in an open word document or the notes app on my iPod. 

In short, I’m addicted to technology, but not in the obsessive way.