Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daily Create: Argument Time

So, today's daily create involved reading an article about social media and writing your stance on it's argument about the subject.

I chose this article which asks the question of whether or not Youtube is is a bad influence on society.

While the article doesn't exactly take a stance, I'd like to make one in the case that Youtube is actually a good influence on society. Thanks in part to having Youtube, you have people, across all generations, taking sides on today's political and social issues and making their voices heard.

People, of my generation especially, are showing that they can be taken seriously, that though the older generations like to write us off, we do have an honest and thoughtful (surprising, I know) opinion on the policies and practices that effect our everyday lives. We actually WANT that opinion to be known, to be able to say that yes, I want to make a difference, or I want people to know that I care just as much as that crotchety old dude down the block that sits in his rocking chair on his front porch day after day mumbling about roadkill. Or maybe we just want to say that Senator so and so from bible belt USA doesn't speak for me or my values.

Why should Youtube be put down for allowing us to have a platform, no, the power to speak our minds? Why is it considered something awful if we actually speak?

Newsflash: It really isn't.

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