Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daily Create: The Most Famous Novel No One Has Ever Heard of

The Sorcerer’s Touch

Ella and Caleb made it through and back the Sea of Mirage by the skin of their teeth and the Jewel of Sight barely in their grasp, but their journey is still far from over. With tension and differing ideals growing between them, they now must come face to face with the Sorcerer of Melarn; one of the most powerful men in all of the Tales combined, and hopefully persuades him to join their cause. That’s if they can manage to pull together past their issues and pass his tests. It’s either that, or risk turning into extra ingredients for his spells, while simultaneously plunging all of Melarn into chaos.  Hey, who said getting back home was going to be easy?  

Alana Watson’s fourth novel, The Sorcerer’s Touch, is a thrilling and suspenseful follow up to Voyage of Visions and their predecessor, The Diamond Force. Readers will enjoy the exciting and darker twists that have yet to be seen in the Tales Saga. 

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