Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daily Create: What Matters Least?

Reality Television

“Did you see what she did on last night’s episode of…”
I sigh, turning on the volume to a level that could probably deafen me, but I still hear them. It’s “this celebrity did this or this one fought with that one and this one called the other a no good ratchet…, well you get the idea.

This is totally not what I come to work to talk about.  Like really, what is the point to watching one woman pull the weave out of another woman’s head? Or see one washed-up rapper’s ex become another’s baby mama. Like really? What makes reality TV so interesting? Where’s the substance? Where’s the role models?

What’s so wrong with watching a good scripted TV show? What’s wrong with watching fiction? Why should the good shows be canceled to make room for another show about America’s next whatever?
“Oh and I don’t know how she thought she could stay when she…”
Ugh. Time to turn the volume up louder. Hopefully my ears can take it.

Reality TV, I really care not for thee. 

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